JFC I love Anime
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JFC I love Anime

JFC I love Anime

I love animation, always have, even at my 40+ years of age, I'm not an expert by all means, I simply try to enjoy what I can put my hands on, and will try to do so with my remaining time on this mortal realm.  Anyway...

Anime, it's pretty darn great; back in the day (early 80's) a couple of local TV channels would show some Japanese animated shows, Astroboy, Candy Candy, Nobody's Boy: Remi, Speed Racer amongst other series, which if I remember correctly would air frequently as constant reruns during afternoons and weekend evenings, even more so than American cartoons such as GI Joe, of course the trend would change over time, but Anime had already left a mark.

Many years later, during university and getting my first real job, there was this new cable channel, locomotion, which reintroduced me to Anime again, but it was... oh so different from where I started... Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell and Akira, which are the ones that stand out the most from the second wave, but there was a special series that caught my attention, Saber Marionette J.  Which had a very interesting premise, colony ship from dying earth is stranded in orbit of distant planet, only a few escape pods make it out, said escape pods have only ... males. In order to survive and populate the new world, cloning is used and, based on the first colonizer races, countries are formed, this leads to entire male populated  countries, and the extended use of "female" robots for company or entertainment. I still think it's a very cool story idea, and i still have the DVDs around here... as well as the double DVD set of Golden Boy, which... just watch it, it's freaking great.

The medium where a story is presented, elevates the creation to new levels of enjoyment, which brings me to Golden Kamuy, the story takes place after the Russian-Japanese war, we're introduced to Saichi Sugimoto, one of the main protagonists who after the war, made a promise to a dying friend that he would help his wife, now widow, in getting her a much needed surgery. While prospecting for gold in the river banks of Hokaido, Sugimoto comes across an acquaintance, who shares a tale about a criminal now locked at a very tough prison who tattooed a map on several mates, and if you can get a hold of such map, you will find enough gold to buy a country, or so the rumors go. You are then introduced to a great cast of characters from different parts of Japan, and some of their quirks, customs and recipes, which make this series a very lowkey food anime.

I haven't read the manga, perhaps I will get into it in the future, but so far, the animated experience has been absolutely delightful and fun. The voice actors have many other series under their belts, and the music is simply amazing, which you can find on Spotify!

I wanted to put so much into this blog entry, but with time I will get better at being a bit more concise, I hope my enthusiasm for Anime goes through these words, and helps you try something new.

Until next time, be safe, and be excellent to each other.

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