Interesting Links

Curated list of interesting sites, some NSFW content can be expected

This is a curated list of interesting sites all over the net, some NSFW content can be expected

Alternative search engines: - A search engine for older style pages. - A retro search engine for retro websites. - A search engine for anime screenshots. Won't work with crops. It will give episode and timestamp of a good screenshot. - FileListing (pretty good at searching for torrents) - MegaSearch (searches for public files on MEGA, MediaFire, etc.) - dedigger (search for public files on Google Drive) - Open Directory Search Portal - Mamont FTP search engine - search engine for IRC - NAPALM FTP search engine - FilePursuit - Google Index Search - Search music files through google - Open Directory Search Portal - Google Open Directory Search - proisk search and ftp - snowfl (searches various public torrent indexes) - Search open source packages, frameworks and tools... - The GeoCities Animated GIF Search Engine - Search engine for IoT devices, you can access ones with no pw set - Open directory search engine combining results of Files, Audios, Videos, eBooks, Softwares & more - Find and share logins instead of registering an account for something you don't care about. - File finder using google dorks. - Open directory crawler. - private, customizable alternative to Google. - All major search engines in one. - Quick pick search engine changer.

Miscellaneous Interesting sites: - An archive of random files. - Fill your hardrive with cats - Random open webcams - The first ever website. - A riddle site. - Gallery of screen art with an HP 9845C - Births and deaths simulator. - A sort of shared blog / news site - reversing the damage we do to our world - Documents timeline of world events all the way back from the 20th century - Why mumble is a Chad and Discord is a virgin. - Seems like Anon's blog, if he wants a better explaination he can provide a description. - Posts about how to think. - The Misandry Bubble (posted in 2010) - Catalog of obscure things. - Lobsters is a computing-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion. - Fourier Transforms - The Complexity & Artificial Life Research Concept (90s complexity stuff) - Principia Cybernetica Web (90s system theory stuff) - Certified Softness Measurement - Dagger Magazine - Progopedia - tilde club - a cool link list - counts and graphs various kinds of words found within the source of the linux kernel - oldschool anon's blog - an island with an active volcano in the middle that doesn't look like it has one - webshit weekly of "hacker" "news" - virginia tech's steam tunnels - a set of guidelines made in 1995 on how to behave in a conversation on the internet - old PC fonts - the gallery of geocities sites - StumblingOn shows you a random webpage whenever you click the STUMBLE button. - Banned Cartoons - The Rotten Library (archived) - list of shorts and movies one would call a "mindfuck" - infinitely zooming painting - another infinite painting - 1000 words is a picture - Open datasets of projects - the Temple of the Screaming Electron - some interesting projects - Greeks weren't always bent - Some cool stuff made from javascript - HDLBits is a collection of small circuit design exercises for practicing digital hardware design(HDL). - The seL4® Microkernel - Total Hardware 1999 - CIA declassified Stargate program files, reads like real life SCP at times - 142 optical illusions - Memetics - Some old weird angelfire link list - The solar system with accurate spacing if the moon were only one pixel - Create an unscannable letter - Explaining OnlyFans - How wikipedia is biased - Real life locations compared to same scenes found in anime - the true size of countries - is a myspace clone that's fully functional!

Useful sites: - A home page replacement with bookmarks, chat, radio, wallpapers, too much in it to easily describe. - Web gradients. - good source for proxies. - A translator better than Google Translate. - A site to scale images without the loss of quality and remove jpeg artifacts. - Misc tests to check if your monitor sucks or not. - an alright anonymous file host, but it's been really fucking slow lately and it tends to get full very quickly. - Another anonymous file host. - Symbol finder for LaTeX. - A great collection of piracy related links. - More very useful links with a focus on piracy. - Templates and such. - Books, android/iOS apps and more. - Life tracker but private. - Bed time calculator. - File sharing site - File sharing site - Portable freeware - Free premium wordpress stuff - OSINT framework focused on gathering information from free tools or resources. - A list of Free Software network services and web apps which can be self hosted - pentesting resources. - Jim Browning's recommendation for lookups or is a front-end for YouTube. - A compiler that starts with a ladder diagram and generates native PIC16 or AVR code. - polling website like strawpoll that will work without javascript (given cloudflare doesn't think you're a botnet) - NirSoft web site provides a unique collection of small and useful freeware utilities. - A lot of useful tools, such as timers, calculators, randomizers, etc - Very minimal Reddit front end site - Very minimal Twitter front end site - Twitter trends on map - A better way to view IG profiles. - Free domains - BIOS Password Recovery for Laptops - old style but very well organised link list - A place to find a typeface - Makes tl;dr with a very simple algo. Works best on news than technical texts. - thread wordcloud - Free SSL certificates - a cute file uploading site - Palette Generator - url shortner - XDCC packlist - Tool for encoding/decoding/hashing and much more. - IP Filter Updater & Generator - Filter lists for adblock etc. - Make your own fake reciepts - Filter lists for adblock etc. - US shop for nuclear and chemical supplies. They sell uranium ore - Great website templates in HTML5 & CSS3 - A good news aggregator - Temporary email addresses - free temp email w/ constant stream of new domains - The best secondary email provider. - tor email provider - Site where you can write the name of the software and get alternatives for it - The place to go for all of your Android needs. (roms, mods, tweaks etc.) - leech wiki - Terminal color scheme designer - Fansub guides

Science / math sites: - Listen live to VHF signals bouncing off of ionised trails of meteors - Derek Deville's Amateur Rocket Adventures - The most complete authoritative list of the world's species - Online textbook of bacteriology - Latest earthquakes - Helping sci-fi writers get their facts right. - Manipulate a 3D model of an animal skull and get reference photos of animals facing same direction as mode - Well-known problems and algorithms in several languages - programming/math - Clear, intuitive lessons about imaginary numbers, exponents, and more. - Map of light pollution, for stargazers. - See the wind - Displays an open-source "panorama" of nasa's pictures of space. - Math with bad drawings - Mathematics - Lists of astronomical objects - Not only for math. - Receivers of Frequencies in various locations here, you can listen to airplanes, to police radios, to various satellites. - Live weather satellite viewer from GOES-16 & 17, Meteosat 8 & 11, Himawari-8 and JPSS. - terminal weather - Listen and control a short-wave receiver located at the amateur radio club ETGD at the University of Twente. - Several applets for math, physics, and EE - You enter a number and get a place in PI where it occurs - Collection of math tools - Explore composite number patterns - Wolframalpha with less functionalities but allows you to check at least some steps for free - Calculate integrals online with steps and graphing! - Just to calculate integrals and derrivatives but those sites allow you to check ALL the steps for FREE

Tech sites: - GTFOBins is a curated list of Unix binaries that can used to bypass local security restrictions in misconfigured systems. - Home of the great SimpleWall open source firewall for Windows, and more - An instantly ready, full-featured online IDE for web development on any device with a browser. - Collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems. - Gentoomen Community Pages - Install Gentoo - DAWN operating system (SUBLEQ arch) - BEAMbot circuits and bestiary - BEAMbot overview, links and bestiary w/pics - Maker and hacker content - A neat (as in tidy) website about Linux and stuff - Linux/security blog - a bunch of technical notes about a bunch of hardware and software things. - a fullscreen, cross-platform terminal emulator and system monitor with a sci-fi aesthetic - neat hardware hack explained. - Scholars are yet to determine the meaning of this website. - A map applied to a shit ton of user run HF receivers. - The Halloween Documents (leaked mircosoft memorandum) - Lotsa old abandonware. - This guy has an interesting blog about computer graphics - Underground hacker ezine running since 1985, cybersecurity and (old school) hacker culture - Websites with no js. - Urbit is a clean-slate OS and network for the 21st century. - browse webgl shaders and create your own - web feature compatibility - Kind of like reddit but focused on careers, the tech industry, software engineering, finance, etc. - The Original Wiki. Focuses way more on tech and programming than the general purpose Wikipedia. - A tech blog that reviews software, apps and offers tips and tricks about Windows, Android, and other systems. - Piracy, Exploits and stuff. (Hi Sam) - Hardware Museum - The Hello World Collection - sites less than 1mb - Active vintage websites - Quantum computing programming concepts - List of good resources. - A place to record those command-line gems that you return to again and again. - Windows 7 forum - Mark Nelson's website - cbloom rants (Charles Bloom's blog) - Open Standards - the page of Larry Wall, the guy behind the Perl programming language - do what the fuck you want public license - Online and offline Searx instances - the blog of Andreas Kling, the dude behind SerenityOS - Old CERN website, i think? - Home of the http mirror of the gemini project for neat small sites with limited features. - Useful one-line scripts for sed - A little collection of cool unix terminal/console/curses tools - A small collection of tools for the X Window System. - Windows binaries, scripts, libraries - Math, cryptography, IT, game theory and other tools
%70%43%2d%68%45%6c%50%2e%6f%52%67/obscure - obfuscate urls - Privacy blog/website - Anti-NSA and tracking site w/tools - Privacy and security list/site - The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation - How the internet is being used to steal your privacy - Another collection of privacy-respecting online services such as email, pastebin, and cloud storage. - Collection of FOSS and privacy-respecting online services, such as DNS, Searx, Invidious, etc. - Retroshare is a free and open-source peer-to-peer communication and file sharing app built on GNU Privacy Guard. - Check to see what torrents associated with your public IP - Google URL removal tool (useful for offline sites and cleaning tracks) - List of sites with logins and how easy it is to delete your account - Metadata removal tool - Freenet Network - I2P network - qTox (might be a meme) anonymous IM - Ricochet IM anonymous messenger - Tox protocol - TOR anonymous network/router - ZeroNet decentralized network (not anonymous, use with TOR or VPN) - Classification of spyware programs, so that users can be more aware that they are installing spyware - A pretty comprehensive VPN Comparison - A website that calculates how long it would take for your password to be cracked - great site for good security habits. - Good PGP guide - A better DNS than your ISP

Learning sites: - The Modern JavaScript Tutorial - A step by step guide to becoming a software engineer website to train hacking skillz - Learn moonrunes while you watch your Chinese cartoons - fun game for the cooders among you who want to learn a bit about multithreading. - Learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games. - Math and Programing, tutorials and essays. There are 3.7 thousand articles. - Learn VIM while playing a game - A guide and, if you dig a bit, a comprehensive list of open source licenses for software. - Cool educational browser games. - A guide to self-improvement. - actually fun and challenging programming puzzles - Good tool to grind and learn kanji - Language resources for programming - learning game about gates and components. - A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done. - Programming books, courses. - Best financial advice ever: (actually) - teach yourself computer science

Image (editors, generators etc.) sites: - Basically photoshop but online. - Classic Wordart generator. - Classic paint with some intresting features added. - Glitch your images. - Pixelart Converter - Random images. - Glitch your images some more. - A collection of things that don't exist. - Basically 'this porn does not exist' NSFW. - Image effect generator, can be kinda slow. - Tool to optimize images. - Just a good site to upload images. - Tool to capture gifs. - Graphic assets - roflbot is for adding text and captions to a picture, a la I Can Has Cheezburger. - gif editor and maker, super useful. - Old Gdrive with anime vectors - Free logo Design & Name Generator - Automagically remove backgrounds from images. Not 100% but shockingly good - Convert your selfie to waifu - Image tools - Imageboard scraper, great for wallpapers - OpenPuff Steganography software, hide messages in images - Babel image archives - Paints-chainer, apparently part of pixiv now - fast MTL scanlation - Imagemagick scripts - Kinda like PS online - Easy to use online image editors - Photo editor

Aesthetic / cool sites: - A fun OS made in JS with some actually fun stuff to do. - Aesthetic site which wants your soul and hosts an imageboard, posting it seems to attract its users. - I don't even. - I don't even. - I don't even. - A love letter to the Internet of old. - Asthetic and generally cool af. - like if an operating system was designed by a woman in her 40s - a simple home page that supports keyboard shortcuts made by Anon - A collection of sites lovingly put together by Anon. - Some guy's site with a terminal and Kyouko. - Another guy's site with a Win 98 theme and Mugi. - A paywall archive made by a tripfag - a nice css endeavor - x86 machine images emulated with webassembly - Cool site about 2bit graphics - Retro/weird site about neopets and alt versions of that - Oldskool webpage. Full of soul. - Cool Lain worshipper site. - A better version of this site, under construction. - nostalgic startup and shutdown from old OSes - a very cool visualization of real-time nippon transportation. - just a little walk through a town at night, really neat use of JSS. - collection of desktop webapps - Control Collaborative Virtual Machines!

Book sites: - It's a massive book, scientific journal and all their articles, comics etc. site. - Like above with a more pure focus on scientific research papers. - E-book library. - Get that book for free - Get that book for free - Get that book for free - This is like gutenberg but the ebooks have been formatted nicely and proofed for typos. - Website of a London-based book publisher specialising in restoring old books - Every single possible book that could be written, in any language using the latin alphabet. - Largers public domain book library - Dead Sea Scrolls digital library - weird book covers - Zine by some anon in /lit/, 2 editions so far. - Big archive of books/documents hosted on a phpBB forum - Digital Library of Alexandria - Lainzine - reading manga online (directly from scanlators) - reading manga online (official releases) - reading comics online - downloading comics
Calibre Libraries: 1234567891011121314151617181920

Humour / fun / Random sites: - iToddlers btfo - Moans your IP - Very cool text adventure game that lets you act out very odd scenarios. - Some kind of game that people seem to like. - bees. - If you ever need to rent a car in the UK from a Chinese lady, do it here. - Random flash videos. - Link to a collection of autists. - single serving site. - single serving loli dance site. - single serving site. - Anime openings. - A site with no discernible purpose but randum XD - A site with no discernible purpose but randum XD - A site with no discernible purpose but randum XD - A site with no discernible purpose but randum XD - Flash doggo licking your monitor - Random flash videos - A site Anon made with no discernible purpose - A basic but rude website. What you see is what you get. - Mini web game where you play as former Australian PM Tony Abbott and stop the boats from reaching the country. - Just a useless website for fun. - Site that directs to other random websites/pages. - Plays a video about why GNU/Linux is good. Source is 'Mawaru Penguindrum'. Also has a Satania image directory. - 'Wan~' meme but animated and with multiple characters - Plays the S1 intro of GochiUsa/GochiUzbekistan - I don't even - Computer history - tfw no gf - BLM maps - Tells you how many people are in space right now. - Appears to collect images linked in some IRC channel. - Anon's own website - It's secret archive - A worst-practice UI experiment. - A man with a good domain refuses to budge. - a masterful shitpost site. - make frontend shit again - site which spoils movies - which azumanga daioh character are you? - the racial slur database - A place to get more Rem - This site allows you to use home automation to have fun at someone else's expense - A slideshow of (sexy) RMS - Weather of Mordor - free hugs - Why Satania is best waifu - a website for viewing a daily image - Angelfire street lighting gallery, all the streetlamps you ever wanted and more - i cant describe - Hosting Memes from Reddit and 4chan - /csg/ ranomizer by some anon - Several Nyan Cat song and animation variations - Select your character and pose, submit your objection then surprise your friends with your irrefutable evidence! - Site collecting o'reilly book covers parodies - Site for generating o'reilly book covers parodies - This wojack does not exist - Cries your IP. - If you're not sure if you should test private methods. - にゃんぱすーをシェアできる全く新しい画期的なWEBサービス. - Stuff that is correlated but has nothing to do with each other. - Pajeet dev services - "Old skool" computer pranks - Basically exactly what you expect from the url. - Old flash games, music etc. from 2006 - eternal loli wiki - Psychedelic worm themed time waster. - Anime girls holding programming books.

Audio / music / sound sites: - Weeb music - Weeb music but in big collections you can download. - This will remix any audio file you upload with sometimes pleasing results. - Tone generator. - Cool text to speech with lots of character voices - Bottom line best site to find new music. - Comfy noise generator. - A blog with Chinese music. - A great TTS site made with love by another /g/ Anon. - Some kind of radio station, I think. - Audio warez, courses, etc. - Lets you listen to youtube links in the background on your phone - Free iTunes Plus M4A - Podcasts. - Anime420girls with some songs and visualizers. - music leaks - Allows you to create mashups of youtube songs - AI that does music from images and other stuff - .flac music finder - Vocaroo is a quick and easy way to share voice messages over the interwebs. - ArchieLuxury soundboard - Find the sound effects you need for your project - Longmont Potion Castle's prank calls - A compilation of Piano Scores of the Touhou Series. - MIDI collection - Touhou Project - Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music. - Upload a webm and get the title of the song playing - Music from keygens. - Weeb music minigames from the creator of nyan cat. - vaporwave radio & a cool website. - Creates beautiful noises to mask the noises you don’t want to hear - Music genre evolution tree and interactive '1111 Essential Recordings of Music' chart made by a /mu/ poster - Get classical music - An opensource binaural-beat generator - Loud website. Warning: loud - Large archive of tracked music. - Archive dedicated to tracked and midi music from games. - lets you upload an mp3 file and creates a spectogram image from it - Japanese sound effects and what they mean - Deep-learning TTS (text-to-speech) tool for generating voices of various characters. - /a/ radio - mp3 downloads - mp3 downloads - flac downloads - flac downloads - flac downloads - Radio station overlayed on earth.

Possibly NSFW stuff: - List of porn sites. - Weeb chanstyle site with hentai. - Coomer games, I think.
ぶっかけ板.net - Moonspeak coomer chan. - Coomer games. - Hentai - Like.. sex dolls and figurines. - Images of slutty looking women with their cars "stuck". A fetish for the strange ones. - Everybody probably knows it already but posting just in case. Text porn. - The leading Web 1.0 LGBT text porn site. - Gender-bender stories. Porn and technically not porn. - Spanking stories. - Find Tubes - Free Porn Tube Search Engine. - literal beastality - JAV - JAV - JAV - JAV - JAV Cosplay - Extensive porn forum - pornBB - Internet Adult Film Database - a big list of porn sites - Porn Forum with a lot of niche categories. - If it exists there is porn of it. - Millions of free porn videos - Free full length high definition porn - Good porn site with no bullshit - A list of image boards. - Looks like a purple reddit. - Weeb chan. - Another chan. - tl;dr. - the post box "image board" - azumanga chan - The comfiest little board in the world - 4chan board stats - 4chan image scraper, very well made. - A cool imageboard - some old 4chan infographics, I think mostly from the Information Library from 2010. - Articles about weeb stuff and chans. - imageboard where they talk about DIY robo waifus - original catalog - Archives of many boards (excluding /g/) - /g/ archives (the only one currently running afaik) - static 4chan archive from 2006 to 2008 - imageboard for pajeets - Online tripcode generator

Data compression sites: - Encode's Forum (one of the best websites to talk about data compression) - Krinkels (where game repackers get and share their compression tools) - The Data Compression Resource - (Russian data compression website) - History of Lossless Data Compression Algorithms - Squash Compression Benchmark - (Large Text Compression Benchmark) - (10 GB Compression Benchmark) - (Generic Compression Benchmark) - Maximum Compression (benchmark of various compression tools last updated in 2011) - lzbench (in-memory benchmark of open source LZ77/LZSS/LZMA compressors) - TurboBench (benchmark for LZ77, BWT, context mixing and entropy coders) - Zalgo - Useful text tools. - Ascii Art creator, allows you to convert images to color or monochrome Ascii Art. - ASCII Art Generator - Helps you find rhymes for words - Builds a constructed language based on vowels and consonants you choose - Turns your handwriting into a font - A wiki about the various text editors out there. - collaborative word processor online. - a really great place to keep text - another really great place to keep text

Video / TV / Movie / Anime sites: - Movie streams - Movie streams - Curated list of documentaries - Another movie site - Another tv show / movie site. - Random videos. - Search Videos from 70+ Platforms. - Random TV channels or something. - Another movie site. - Another movie site. - Tv shows and movies - a 90s tv simulator that lines up youtube videos of shows and commercials to simulate watching random tv channels. - Random videos every day since 2008 - One stop shop for new anime - streams live japanese tv - Mirrors latest English subbed anime from Nyaa, Anidex, TokyoTosho, through DDL. Also has NZB for Usenet users. - Download a bunch of anime through XDCC - Soundboard for /wt/ on /fa/ featuring the Pontiph - ArchieLuxury - like netflix, but free and more complete, VPN needed - A database of movies and tv shows which u can use via API. - Subtitles for your Chinese cartoons - Random Youtube videos with less than 10 views - Watch videos (from your pc or online) & play games with friends. - Free, open source synchtube. - anime/manga sources - Send subtitles displayed by mpv to your web-browser. - Good for streaming movies. - Search what you like, then watch it. - Search For Any Movie/Documentary, then watch it. - A collection of videos to watch NSFW. - Another good movie/tv show streaming site. - Another good movie/tv show streaming site. - Another good movie/tv show streaming site. - Another good movie/tv show streaming site. - Another good movie/tv show streaming site. - GDrivePlayer Movie Database. - Cat Mario game in which you roam around an isometric city repecting Asians. - Hosts information and download links for hundreds of games in the shooter and adventure genres. - Full game repacks of old, classic & retro games. Compatible with Windows 10! - webgame preservation project - idle game - Conway's Game of Life wiki, talks about the weird behaviours of cetain patterns inside the game. - Guy does some cool retro console and pc art - Dedicated to nostalgia for many of the greatest game consoles ever. - Old nintendo 64 game websites. - Use only with a reliable GPU. You can load up maps from various 3D games and roam around them on your browser. - Official artwork in their source size, generally for Nintendo releases. - Contains lots of niche and obscure content from the Super Mario Bros. franchise - An archive of obscure video game glitches related to 90s/early 2000s nintendo games - Test the functions of your controller straight from your browser. - Switch homebrew - Something about the Switch, either homebrew(s) or rom(s) - Maintaining availability of user-created content for the Unreal / Unreal Tournament series of games. - game website - Cool stuff to do with your old Xbox Kinect on PC - Roms - Roms - Mario fanfic and trivia. Still screams ancient web - Lot's of fan pages to plenty of old jrpgs with guides, screenshots, etc. - Cracked, compressed games to download. - A bunch of experimental autism with some older vidya. - A superior way of acquiring VITA, PSM, PSP, PSX, PS3, PS4 Games, DLCs, Themes and Updates - Mostly Gameboy related stuff & GameBoy Book Reader that allows you to make e-books for the system - Play Counter Strike 1.6 in your browser - Enormous steam database site, useful for buying games on steam sale or showing new games with good ratings - digitalised collection of handheld electronic games - free, top-down, easy to learn, hard to master multiplayer football (as in played with foot and ball) game - Download or play abandonware games, from 1978 to 2010 - Download or play retro games - Download or play retro games - Download or play retro games - Download or play retro games - Download or play retro games - Download or play retro games - Download or play retro games - Download or play retro games - Download or play retro games - Download or play retro games - Download or play PS1 games - Flash Game Archive - Sports Games - Play Games on TV with your Phone as a Controller - Remote Control Real Life Games - GitHub Hosted Games - Hacked Flash Games - Flash Games Archive - .io games list - Kung Fu Chess, chess without turns. - simple texas holdem.

Alternative / Paranormal / Conspiracy / Bizarre sites: - A website that lists details of UFO sightings - "A page dedicated to everything gothic" - Spooky stories - Website about the paranormal - Fun halloween website - A website with a ton of theories related to the movie 'Mulholland Drive' - This site advocates skepticism as an approach to study of both technical and social phenomena. - Alex Chiu's immortality rings - Some kind of doomer future prediction site. - Pretty much explained in the url, warning: sad. - Dooms day scenarios - anti-culture technology community - Time Cube was a personal web page, founded in 1997 by the "wisest man on earth", Gene Ray. RIP - Some guy keeping an eye on the NWO for us. - A rabbithole of its own kind. Filled with strange imagery and hatred of consumerism, cool looking though. - a town in norway that keeps seeing lights in the sky that frequently it decided to document them - Conspiracy theories - Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization - something about some mythical thing in Mongolia. - Bizarre website - Professional conspiracy theorist from the UK, lots of content.

Niche interest sites: - An image collection of miniatures depicting armoured figures from the medieval period. - DIY boats, also vintage site design. - dream database - Hundreds of pictures of various cgi poses - For car guy anons (Find twisty roads) - /k/'s patch websites - Japanese auctions for non japanese people. - blog about Contemporary Contemplative Cinema - objective viewpoints on world change - contemporary culture discussion - contemporary culture discussion - contemporary culture discussion - contemporary culture discussion - some sort of photographer's personal site, really a wip but cool aesthetic. - an artist portfolio site with some cool hidden links and pages, seems to be under-construction still. - seems to just be a cryptic website for an artist, pretty cool looking though. - something about armour - Historical european martial arts. many scanned combat treatises with transcriptions and translations. - Tamagotchi Tama-go points generator - Same as above but for Tamagotchi Friends - English resources for Ukagaka, a desktop mascot program with a very autistic userbase

File conversion sites: - Nearly all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, formats. - convert office documents, audio, video, image etc. Plus useful tools. - image, video, document, and music + File Compressors and video tools. - All the normal stuff + Webservice converter. - Another great online converter. - Another great online converter. - Another great online converter.

Conversational Chatbots: - Replika - Mitsuku - cleverbot - eviebot - Rose - jabberwacky

SMS verification sites:

Torrenting sites: - Magnet search engine - Online torrent client. - Mirrors for good torrent sites. - List of stable trackers. - Torrent index - torrents - Nyaa Torrents - Project AcgnX Torrent (anime tracker) - AniX.Moe (the "Sukebei" of AcgnX) - AniRena (anime tracker) - Kinozal (Russian torrent tracker with a focus on films) - NNM-Club (Russian tracker) - Pornolab (Russian porn tracker) - Rustorka (Russian tracker) - Touki (Russian anime tracker) - Legit Torrents (100% legal torrents) - Public Domain Movie Torrents - Community Bittorrent Tracker (free live convert recordings) - ConCen (tracker with lots of /pol/ and /x/-tier content) - Download Movies, TV Series, Music for Free Online from Torrent Search Engine - Bittorrent IP Blocklists - Best place to torrent your animes from - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents - torrents

Uncategorized sites (will sort soon): - FOSS app for windows that allows you to easily uninstall apps in bulk. - FOSS, mimalistic image viewer Windows or GNU/Linux - FOSS app used to clear unused disk space, like CCleaner but open source. - FOSS alternative to f.lux for Windows - FOSS, lightweight app for windows that shows you graphically which files and folders occupy most space on your disk - windirstat but for GNU/Linux, also FOSS - FOSS, GUI for pdftk it enables all the elements from pdftk that are normally paywalled. - FOSS, minimalistic pdf viewer. - Official /cumg/ Website - Free Photoshop & Sketch UI Templates - Looks like clickbait but some useful stuff - Fake Name & Identity Generator - some maybe useful free stuff - credit card generator - credit card checker - Cracked stuff - Free hosting - Cloud hosting that's free and unlimited - Free hosting, No ads - Zero cost website hosting with PHP, MySQL, cPanel & no ads! - "Completely free hosting for life" - Another free hosting site - Free cPanel Hosting | No Ads | Free SSL - simulated channel hopping - Excerpts of NSA spy programs - A big list of mildly interesting google streetview images - The best random single serving site - Points at your pointer - Do you have enough diskspace to extract a 42 byte .zip?