KZ EDX Review
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KZ EDX Review

High quality audio at a fraction of the cost...

I've been using the super affordable KZ EDX IEMs for a bit more than 2 months, and it's amazing really what these little headphones have to offer.

I would like to give a bit of background before moving forward.

In Guatemala, there's a lot of "shadow" restrictions, as in, yes you can ship amazon stuff, as long as the following are true...

  1. you have a valid mailing address, which can be your home address
  2. you have a PO Box, which is very handy, but your costs will be significantly higher
  3. you can get an all-in-one service such as Guatemala Digital which basically is a local version of amazon and depending on item availability, it will deliver to your home address, for a markup, which it really isn't that bad if you value the convenience of ordering something, wait a few days and have it delivered at home.

Anyway, thanks to Guatemala Digital, for indulging me in the fantastic world of chi-fi audio.

The most recent model that I've had the gusto of using are the KZ EDX IEMs, which surprisingly are valued around USD $6 in most places I've seen, such as amazon, they're incredibly light, the sound as expected with most KZ IEMs has a V shape sound profile, with decent lows, super sharp highs and low mids.... if that makes any sense, but, on my meandering experience, it sounds ok, but the highs tend to be very sharp, to the point of being uncomfortable. And for this, I am using an infamous hack of using a small bit of micropore tape, about 4mm by 4mm, and sticking it on the grill, problem solved.

the experience so far has been great, due to the light weight my ears don't hurt and I'm able to keep the IEMs in for extended periods of time even doing some activities like walking around the neighborhood or riding a bit on my bike.

The cable is pretty standard for KZ, and comes with a mic which sounds great for phone or video calls, and all in all, the EDX package is rather amazing for the low price.

I love Chi-Fi, great sound, great prices.... try it sometime, you might even like it as well :)

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