Life Pro Tips

This is a collection of stuff that has helped along the way either for convenience or to save on costs, feel free to try them if you are so inclined

DIY Lens or Screen Cleaning Fluid MKIII

I keep a small 60ml or so spray bottle with some cleaning fluid which I use to clean my glasses, phone or computer and desktop, so far it's worked great, just don't apply directly to the object you want to clean, spray on to a soft or micro fiber cloth first, then apply elbow grease.

2 or 3 drops of liquid hand soap, for the rest of the contained fluid use 50% rubbing alcohol, 25% peroxide, 25% clean water. mix it well, as mentioned above this has worked very well for keeping my glasses and most of my desktop usable surfaces clean and shiny.

DIY Ant or Roach Bait (please use gloves, mask and safety glasses)

The main ingredient is Boric Acid (powder) or Borax, remember that this stuff is toxic for humans and pets, for ants you want to use 1 tablespoon borax per 2 tablespoons of sugar, add 1 tablespoon water. Drop some of the good stuff around ant hills or burrows, repeat every 3 months.

For cockroaches, use 1 spoonful of Borax on 2 of (preheat in the microwave for 30 seconds) peanut butter, mix well, apply paste in corners or where these little shits are expected, repeat every 3 months.