I think i’ve always been very closet’ed regarding cute stuff; And I have been actively putting off getting a Pokemon game for ages now, until a couple of weeks ago when I finally broke down and bought myself an early birthday/xmas present for myself, a Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon Y.

After a couple of weeks of enjoying the game i decided that it would be a good idea to give one also to my daughter, she turns 5 this year and i think she apreciates and takes good care of the gifts she receives, i really like that  in her.

So i got her a red 2DS, and Pokemon X, of course, so we can trade pokemons when/if she catches up anytime soon 😂 .

I’ve made DS buddies with a local friend who has been a major Pokemon nerd for a number of years, his online name is Attakinsky, he graciously coached me through the first levels, explained about EV’s and IV’s, which i already forgot and got me going with a pikachu, zangoose, ditto, charmander and a couple other pokemon.

In return i did the same with my daughter and i think she’s well on her way to catch and befriend pokemon.

More to come in the following weeks.