We’re not self signed anymore

Thanks to the guys at StartSSL, malamut.es now has a spiffy SSL certificate.

What does that mean? Without geeking out too much, it basically tells you, the visitor that indeed i am who i say i am. if i configured this thing correctly, whenever you go to https://malamut.es it is indeed this server and you may use the services knowing with a high degree of confidence that it is the server you want to go to.

This applies to several internet based services and servers such as major retailers, and service providers that they are who they claim they are and you are free to do business with them at your leisure.

I think it is pretty spiffy, i love digging into thing’s guts and tear stuff apart just to see how things work.

Anyway, i think that qualifies as a major server update.

Will keep you posted on what happens then.

Later amigos.